Burlington: Station Information

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 11:00 am

Burlington Air Monitoring Station
Photo: Burlington Ambient Air Monitoring Site
Map of Ontario with Burlington
Station Data for Burlington
Station Information
Station Name: Burlington
Address: North Shore Blvd. E./lakeshore Rd.
Latitude: 43.314603
Longitude: -79.80277
Station Type: Urban
Height of Air Intake: 5 m
Elevation ASL: 78 m
Pollutants Measured: O3, PM2.5, NO2
Measured Pollutants at Burlington
PollutantMeasured 1-Hour
O3Ozone [O3]graph 3 ppb
PM2.5Fine Particulate Matter [PM2.5]graph 18 µg/m3
NO2Nitrogen Dioxide [NO2]graph 32.3 ppb
Ontario 1-hour AAQC for the measured pollutants
PollutantOntario 1-hour AAQC
O380 ppb
NO2200 ppb

Note: N/A (Not Available) denotes invalid or missing data.